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Ed Sheeran* Bruno Mars* The Eagles* Bread *Train* Tom Petty*  Zac Brown* U2* The Beetles* Billy Joel* Mettalica* Adele* REO* One Republic* Van Morrison* Oasis* Abba* George Ezra* Bon Jovi* Seal* CCR* Pharel Williams* Toby Keith* Foo Fighters* Coldplay* The Lumineers* Elton John*  Lenny Kravitz* Incubus* Cheap Trick* Pearl Jam* Rolling Stones* Bruce Springsteen* Green Day* Maroon 5* Red Hot Chilli Peppers* Daughtrey* The Kinks* Jet* Dave Mathews* John Legend* Counting Crows* and more... 

It's important to see music performed at the highest level. See Paul perform live at a place near you!

Paul is negotiating a deal with Gamma Records, so soon you'll be able to get his original music for your collection!

Inspired by all kinds of the popular music, Paul. grew up learning everything on his radio. He cultivated his ability to perform the songs live by being in the same band and playing every week for almost a decade. Paul will sing his heart out for you! 100% Guaranteed!

Want Paul to let his soul glow at your venue? Click here to contact us.